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NCD Team Update.

2014.06.16 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

Meeting with the Vanua of Vuda & Declaration of No Smoking Zones The assistant Turaga ni Koro and the NCD team from VSHC consisting of Prof Rajat, the statistician Sheetal and Jenny, Namrata and Sr. Daivalu visited the Taukei Nakelo who is the traditional Executive Head of the Vanua of Vuda. He has given us his support for a wellness program in the village including developing steps towards introducing no smoking zones in the Vanua. The village of Lauwaki has taken the lead and has already declared two areas in… Read more >>

Community Health Worker Training in Suva.

2014.04.01 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

MINISTER FOR HEALTH DR NEIL SHARMA OPENS COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER WORKSHOP HELD IN LAMI, SUVA ON 31-03-14. The Ministry of Health (MOH) invited Viseisei Sai Health Centre (VSHC) to run a training workshop for community health workers recruited from the greater Suva area. This is the sixth such workshop VSHC has run. The Minister opened the workshop held in the Lami Town Council chambers. At the opening he said: “Professor Gyaneshwar and representatives of VSHC training team, participants and ladies and gentleman. Good morning and a warm welcome to Lami.… Read more >>

Itaukei Community challenge

2014.03.20 Categories: Non Communicable Diseases Project, VSHC Activities

Engaging the Itaukei Community in reducing life style risk factors for NCDs. There has been a serious lethargy on the part of the Itaukei community being involved in health activities in the Vanua of Vuda. The villages involved include Viseisei, Lomolomo, Lawaki and Natalau. The NCD life style risk factors namely smoking, alcohol and kava intake, eating habits and lack of physical activity are serious issues in the community as shown by the VSHC mini STEPs survey. Obesity, cardio vascular diseases and diabetes are prevalent and the local statistics are… Read more >>

Trainee Interns Report

2014.03.05 Categories: Education and Training, Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

ATTACHMENT REPORT                                                              Site Viseisei Sai Health Centre (VSHC) Date 3 February - 21 February 2014 Trainee Interns            (Fiji School of Medicine) Sharon Dakuitonga (Fiji) Gina Marie Tobin (Federated States of Micronesia) Supervisors Professor Rajat Gyaneshwar, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Lautoka Hospital and Fiji National University, Chairman Viseisei Sai Health Centre Trust, Medical Director Viseisei Sai Health Centre Associate Professor Swarna Lata Naidu, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Lautoka Hospital and Fiji National University, Medical Director ViseIsei Sai Health Centre Training Viseisei Health Centre Clinic. Reproductive Health Project -… Read more >>

Trainee Interns at VSHC

2014.03.05 Categories: Education and Training, Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, VSHC Activities

The Medical School at Fiji National University runs a 6 year undergraduate medical program. The final year is the trainee internship program in which the students are prepared for their service role upon graduation. During the year they are rotated through terms in Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Public Health. As from mid 2013 students have been attached to VSHC during their Public Health term. This year the attachments are for a period of 3 weeks. During the attachment at VSHC the students are involved in all aspects… Read more >>

Community Health Worker Workshop: 4th - 7th February, 2014.

2014.03.05 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

The Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma had visited the Health Centre late last year and was impressed with the VSHC Community Health Worker (CHW) program and asked the NCD team to conduct training for the CHW’s from the Central Division. This workshop (third so far) commenced on the 4th of February and concluded on the 7th of February. It was conducted in partnership with Ministry of Health (MOH). A total of nine participants (1 male and 8 females) were selected from the Central Division by MOH to undergo this… Read more >>

Reflections from NCD team

2013.11.07 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

Celebrity Chef, Lance Seeto approached the NCD Team to conduct a Healthy cooking Video shoot in the Vuda Zone. Seetos TV shows are popular and we are fortunate to work with him to help educate the community in changing attitudes and creating awareness on healthy eating. The first segment was shot at the Vuda Primary School.  The class 8 students were educated on the importance of healthy meals. Chef Seeto helped the students make healthy sandwiches with a variety of things available such as fruits and vegetables. Students were very… Read more >>

Viseisei Sai Health signs Contract with FCDP

2013.07.29 Categories: Non Communicable Diseases Project, VSHC Activities

The Viseisei Sai Health Centre Trust has received a grant from the Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP), an AusAid funded program, after a competitive tendering process.  This project will allow us to continue the work started under the previous NCD project which was funded by the University of New South Wales.  The UNSW funding ended on July 31st and therefore this new grant is timely.   It will allow us to do the following:- Empower the Community through advocacy, education and health promotion activities to change their attitudes resulting in healthier life… Read more >>

Report on the visit from the Ministry of Youth

2013.07.11 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

The NCD Team is encouraging backyard or front yard gardening as an intervention to decrease non-communicable diseases in the Vuda community. This will help promote physical activity, healthy eating and food security.  The Ministry of Youth representative conducted a seedling orientation program at the VSHC Gardens. This was received with a lot of enthusiasm from the men of Viseisei village with about 20 men being present for the session. The NCD team has conducted several meetings with the Turaga ni Koro as well as the villagers in order to encourage home… Read more >>

Reflections of the week

2013.06.07 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

Reflections from Dr Joe of the NCD Team – 7/6/2013 On Wednesday the team had an education session at Sabeto that was attended by 40 residents of the area. All 4 of us lectured and we offered Glucometer screenings, blood pressure recordings and personal consultations. There was excellent participation by this large crowd. It amazes me what a large turnout can fit on a front porch! We thank our host Mr. Singh! Thursday was high risk day and we talked to 19 patients; four of them men. 15 of them… Read more >>