NCD Team Update.

Meeting with the Vanua of Vuda & Declaration of No Smoking Zones

The assistant Turaga ni Koro and the NCD team from VSHC consisting of Prof Rajat, the statistician Sheetal and Jenny, Namrata and Sr. Daivalu visited the Taukei Nakelo who is the traditional Executive Head of the Vanua of Vuda. He has given us his support for a wellness program in the village including developing steps towards introducing no smoking zones in the Vanua. The village of Lauwaki has taken the lead and has already declared two areas in the village smoke free. This includes the community hall and the pre school compound.

Community Health Workers Initiatives

Urmila organized a healthy cooking presentation and screening and education session for about 25 people. Our team was comprised of Sr.Daivalu, Jenny, Ben, Dr. Finau, Mosese Baseisei  and Urmila also had the assistance of Merioni the CHW of Lauwaki Village, and Sakina the CHW from Lauwaki Settlement.  All participants were screened normal.

              Urmila's NCD Session facilitated by Health Promotion Officer - Mosese Baseisei
                                                           and the NCD Team

                   Dr Finau and Zone Nurse Soko during Screening at Urmila's Session.

Shika the Community Health Worker from Dreketi conducted a household screening and this was observed by Sr. Daivalu and Dr. Finau. They screened 7 households. They found Shika to possess good communication skills but she indicated that she finds regular updating helpful.

                        Dr. Finau, Sr. Daivalu, CHW Shika and Suriya after the Assessment.

                                       Promoting Backyard Gardening after Assessment

Eliaz, Roshni and Roslyn from Barara identified 10 households interested in backyard gardening. We are hopeful that with the support from the VSHC team comprising Ben and Jenny that they will be able to initiate home gardens. We will continue to update on this in due course. Jenny and Ben have been to Lomolomo Seaside and Napoidi to provide gardening assistance. This has been helped with a grant from the Ministry through the Wellness Unit.

                   Gardening In Lomolomo assisted by CHW Sakina's husband from Lauwaki.

The Development of a Wellness Booklet for Teachers

A grant has been obtained from the Wellness Unit to develop a booklet on Wellness to assist school teachers. Retired Principal for the former Lautoka Teachers College, Master Ambika Prasad, is assisting in this work which will be done in collaboration with School Teachers from the Vuda Cluster comprising of Dreketi Sangam Primary School, Wairabetia Muslim Primary School, Gurukul Primary School, Vishnu Deo Memorial School, Viseisei Primary School, Vuda District School, Lomolomo Public School and Sabeto District School.

From the Desk of Health Promotion Officer – Mosese .S. Baseisei.