Young Mother’s Project 2017 – Lautoka Series - Part 3

2017.08.14 Category: Young Mother's Project 2017

Phase 3: Financial Literacy 24th March 2017 (Ministry of Youth Conference Hall, Lautoka) Participants: 17 young mothers Unfortunately many of the mothers who attended the previous phases 1 and 2 of the Young Mothers Project were unable to attend phase 3 due to a death in their village.  Mothers who attended the Lautoka phase 3 came from Vanuakula and Vadraiyawasewa settlements and had previously participated in Young Mothers Project activities and workshops. Stakeholders: Ministry of Trade – Mrs. Rusieli Caginavanua Ministry of Youth and Sports – Keasi Delana CCOHSI team… Read more >>

Young Mother’s Project 2017 – Lautoka Series - Part 2-

2017.08.14 Category: Young Mother's Project 2017

Phase 2: Stakeholder Presentations 24th February 2017 (Korotu Community Hall, Namoli Village) Participants: 24 young mothers Stakeholders: District Office (Lautoka/Yasawa) – Ruth Atu Department of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation – Tavaita Daku Ministry of Youth and Sports – Samisoni Mateyawa Department of Social Welfare – Seruwaia Rauluni National Employment Centre – Kelera CCOHSI team facilitators: Dr. Swaran Naidu Mosese Baseisei (Project Manager) Seremaia Koroi (Health Promotion Officer) Amelia Vugakoto (Womens Empowerment Officer) Warsha Prakash (Health Educator) Rusiate Sovasova (Social Worker) The second workshop aimed to present the mothers with… Read more >>

Young Mothers Project 2017 - Lautoka Series - Part 1

2017.08.14 Category: Young Mother's Project 2017

Phase 1: Reproductive Health and Empowerment 18th January 2017 (Korotu Community Hall, Namoli Village) Participants: 15 young mothers Stakeholders: 3 Zone Nurses The first workshop was facilitated by VSHC and CCOHSI team members.  These included: Dr Swaran Naidu Professor Gyaneshwar Mosese Baseisei (Project Manager) Seremaia Koroi (Health Promotion Officer) Amelia Ake (Project Nurse) Jenny Naidu (Research Officer) Rusiate Sovasova (Social Worker) The facilitators introduced topics on sexual and reproductive health, family planning, healthy relationships, empowerment, self-awareness and child feeding/nutrition.  The VSHC team also presented to the group, the results of… Read more >>

Young Mother's Project 2017

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The Young Mothers Project began in 2015 with over 30 young mothers involved from Viseisei Village and neighbouring areas. This initial project was so successful that further funding was sought to continue the program in other communities. A grant from IWA (International Women’s Association Fiji) allowed this to occur, with the larger scale Young Mothers Project commencing in 2017. The 2017 project is facilitated by Viseisei Sai Health Centre with support from team members from the Collection Community Ownership of Health and Social Issues (CCOHSI) Project. Read more >>

A Personal Reflection from American Volunteer, Eileen Lindemann

2017.07.05 Category: Volunteers

Eileen is a registered dietitian with a Master of Science in applied nutrition from Sage Graduate School in Troy, New York where she teaches as an adjunct instructor in the Nutrition Science Department. Eileen has also worked as a nutrition consultant for the New York State Department of Health and as a nutrition educator for low income New Yorkers. Here is her Personal Reflection - I came to Viseisei Sai Health Centre because of my interest in global health and medical anthropology. I am especially interested in the worldwide obesity… Read more >>

Lauren Toll - Volunteer Community Health Promotion Officer.

2017.07.05 Categories: Collective Community Ownership of Health and Social Issues, Volunteers

Lauren completed a Bachelor in Human Movement from University of Ballarat in 2004, and a Masters in Physiotherapy Studies from University of Queensland in 2009. She is currently completing a Masters in Public Health. Lauren has primarily worked in hospitals and community settings, including aged, remote and disability work.  Lauren has previously lived and volunteered for several years in Ghana and Kenya in community development and physiotherapy. She commenced at Viseisei Sai Health Centre in June 2017 as a Community Health Promotion Officer through AVI, where she will be based… Read more >>

Donations from Australia – Penny and Mark George

2017.06.05 Category: VSHC Activities

On Friday 19th May, Viseisei Sai Health Centre was lucky enough to have Penny and Mark George travel from Brisbane, Australia to donate a large suitcase full of needed medication and medical supplies. Penny is the Practice Manager of Ormiston Medical Centre in Ormiston, Queensland and she and her husband have been incredibly generous in donating to Fiji now and in the past. Thank you Penny and Mark! Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping us serve the community of Fiji and improving people's… Read more >>

World Health Day - 7 April 2017

2017.04.10 Category: Collective Community Ownership of Health and Social Issues

Depression #LetsTalk Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide currently affecting over 300 million people, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015. The World Health Organisation held the first World Health Assembly in 1948 where it was decided that the 7th of April each year would be declared ‘World Health Day’ in order to highlight the importance of global population health.  Each year the World Health Organisation chooses a theme that is relevant and specific to global health trends.  The theme for the… Read more >>

A Personal Reflection from Canadian volunteer, Michelle Sankar.

2017.04.06 Category: Volunteers

Michelle graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2006 with a BSc in biological science and from there she went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. She then completed her Masters of Public Health degree at the University of Queensland in Brisbane in 2016 where she specialised in public health nutrition. Personal reflection - I learned a lot during my 6.5 weeks with VSHC. One of the biggest of all lessons I learned was the ability to become more fluid in terms of scheduling and plans,… Read more >>

World TB Day - 24th March 2017

2017.04.05 Category: Collective Community Ownership of Health and Social Issues

The CCOHSI Team participated in the World TB Day program organised by the Community Health Worker, Kalera, and Health Committee for Lavuci.  Some of the northern communities of Fiji, including Nasolo, Lavuci and Natelecake, have had an increase in both TB cases and deaths from TB infection in recent months. The Lavuci Health Committee identified that TB awareness was one of the ways to assist the community to take ownership of their health and social issues, as part of their Community Development Project under the CCOHSI Project. The Community Health… Read more >>