Data Analysis Workshop

Last week the CCOHSI Project team participated in a 1 week (9th March – 16th March) workshop on Statistical Analysis of CCOHSI Data with Professor Gillian Heller, Head of Department Statistics, Macquarie University, New South Wales.

Professor Heller upskilled the team in multiple areas including:

  • Importance of data cleaning and coding
  • Importance of appropriate questionnaire questions to obtain relevant data
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Use of SPSS software in statistical data analysis

See pictures below of Professor Heller working with the CCOHSI Project team.

Dr. Swaran, Lauren and Professor Heller working with SPSS.

Lauren and Professor Heller working on YMP data.

Professor Heller and the CCOHSI Project Team.

The CCOHSI team working on data interpretation and analysis.

Warsha receiving her workshop certificate.