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Community Action Program update

2016.09.23 Categories: Community Action Program, Community Health Worker Program, Empowering Communities for Wellness

VSHC has been working with the Community to avoid life style risk factors, which make one unhealthy. This work has been made possible with funding from the Fiji Community Development Program, an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) aid project. This funding comes to an end in November. A key strategy of the project was to train, deploy and support Community Health Officers. A stakeholder workshop was held on Friday 23rd September to identify strategies to sustain community gains after the current funding is exhausted. The meeting was… Read more >>

FCDP Video

2016.09.14 Categories: Community Action Program, Community Health Worker Program, Empowering Communities for Wellness

The video below was directed by the Fiji Community Development Program. They interviewed the FCDP staff from the Centre and also our Community Health Workers. Here is the introduction written by FCDP on their Facebook page: "The Fiji Community Development Program, managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government, is working with the Viseisei Sai Health Centre to provide affordable health care to Fijian communities. With an FCDP grant, the Centre and the Ministry of Health have re-introduced Community Health Workers throughout Fiji, to help raise awareness about the… Read more >>

Nutrition and GESI Workshop

2016.09.14 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Education and Training, Nutrition, VSHC Activities

The main purpose of this workshop held on September 2nd, 2016 was to build the capacity of VSHC staff and CHW’s in the areas of Nutrition and Gender Equality. The Nutrition workshop was conducted by Volunteer Dietician Danielle and Dietician Rylene and a total of 23 people attended the workshop as part of staff capacity building. The presentation focussed on promoting a healthy staff program and included carrying out a SNAP survey of the staff. Healthy workplace policies were discussed, which included physical activity and a "Sit Less" policy.  … Read more >>

CHW activities for 2015

2016.03.16 Category: Community Health Worker Program

From 2012 till the end of 2015 the NCD team has trained and deployed 83 community health workers for the Viseisei Zone as well as for the MOH from Central and Western divisions. Currently there are 17 active VSHC Zone CHW’s who are actively engaged in promoting home gardening, exercise and healthy eating and creating awareness through education. In late 2015 the NCD team conducted a week-long CHW workshop whereby 9 new community health workers were trained and deployed into their respective communities. These new CHW’s were selected either by… Read more >>

Community Health Workers Activities

2015.08.28 Category: Community Health Worker Program

Highlights of Community Health Workers Activities since June 2015 Extension 1. Sovaia Matebau Vuda Back Road Support from FEA Staff & Advisory Councillor. Sovaia has been trying her best to solicit support for the establishment of a health committee in her community. The staffs of the Fiji Electricity Authority Control Centre have been very supportive in her work. They have just requested Sovaia in her capacity as a CHW to identify those families who are in dire need of assistance. They have indicated that they will be her support committee.… Read more >>

Bose ni Momo for the Ba Province

2014.12.03 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, VSHC Activities

DATE: 26TH NOVEMBER 2014 VENUE: WATERFRONT HOTEL The Chairman of the Ba Provincial Council invited VSHC to make a presentation to the Bose ni Momo. This invitation was a result of a consultative meeting held between VSHC and the Chairman and his advisors a month earlier in Viseisei.  The meeting was to seek the Ba Provincial Council’s assistance in facilitating health initiatives within the Itaukei community.   In the absence of the Council of Chiefs, individual provinces have convened their own Chiefs meeting. For the Ba Province, it is known as… Read more >>

Working with the Community.

2014.09.22 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project, VSHC Activities

VSHC has come a long way in learning to work with the community. Most recently we had a meeting with the Chairman of the Ba Provincial Council and the Roko Tui Ba. Fiji is divided into 14 provinces for iTaukei administrative purposes. The Province of Ba is the largest and we from Vuda are part of it. The purpose of our meeting was to acquaint the provincial leadership of the NCD health crisis. The meeting was a success and a week later we met with the Council advisory board. The… Read more >>

NCD Team Update.

2014.06.16 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

Meeting with the Vanua of Vuda & Declaration of No Smoking Zones The assistant Turaga ni Koro and the NCD team from VSHC consisting of Prof Rajat, the statistician Sheetal and Jenny, Namrata and Sr. Daivalu visited the Taukei Nakelo who is the traditional Executive Head of the Vanua of Vuda. He has given us his support for a wellness program in the village including developing steps towards introducing no smoking zones in the Vanua. The village of Lauwaki has taken the lead and has already declared two areas in… Read more >>

Community Health Worker Training in Suva.

2014.04.01 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

MINISTER FOR HEALTH DR NEIL SHARMA OPENS COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER WORKSHOP HELD IN LAMI, SUVA ON 31-03-14. The Ministry of Health (MOH) invited Viseisei Sai Health Centre (VSHC) to run a training workshop for community health workers recruited from the greater Suva area. This is the sixth such workshop VSHC has run. The Minister opened the workshop held in the Lami Town Council chambers. At the opening he said: “Professor Gyaneshwar and representatives of VSHC training team, participants and ladies and gentleman. Good morning and a warm welcome to Lami.… Read more >>

Community Health Worker Workshop: 4th - 7th February, 2014.

2014.03.05 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

The Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma had visited the Health Centre late last year and was impressed with the VSHC Community Health Worker (CHW) program and asked the NCD team to conduct training for the CHW’s from the Central Division. This workshop (third so far) commenced on the 4th of February and concluded on the 7th of February. It was conducted in partnership with Ministry of Health (MOH). A total of nine participants (1 male and 8 females) were selected from the Central Division by MOH to undergo this… Read more >>