CHW activities for 2015

2016.03.16 Category: Community Health Worker Program

From 2012 till the end of 2015 the NCD team has trained and deployed 83 community health workers for the Viseisei Zone as well as for the MOH from Central and Western divisions. Currently there are 17 active VSHC Zone CHW’s who are actively engaged in promoting home gardening, exercise and healthy eating and creating awareness through education.

In late 2015 the NCD team conducted a week-long CHW workshop whereby 9 new community health workers were trained and deployed into their respective communities. These new CHW’s were selected either by self-nomination or by the community/village they reside in.

The table below shows the total number of people seen by the team and the CHW’s during 2015:

Activities Total Sessions Total Participants
Physical 192 1819
Cooking 6 60
Gardening 38 220
Community education and screening 268 5554
Total 504 7653

Community Health Worker screening community members at an outreach.