FCDP Video

The video below was directed by the Fiji Community Development Program. They interviewed the FCDP staff from the Centre and also our Community Health Workers.

Here is the introduction written by FCDP on their Facebook page:

"The Fiji Community Development Program, managed by Coffey on behalf of the Australian Government, is working with the Viseisei Sai Health Centre to provide affordable health care to Fijian communities. With an FCDP grant, the Centre and the Ministry of Health have re-introduced Community Health Workers throughout Fiji, to help raise awareness about the benefits of maintaining a healthy life style.

Non-communicable diseases such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, cause 78 per cent of deaths in Fiji and 40 per cent of premature deaths in children younger than 10. To improve these rates and the people's livelihoods, Community Health Workers educate communities about harmful foods like oil and sugar, and encourage people to grow their own food"