Community Health Workers Activities

2015.08.28 Category: Community Health Worker Program

Highlights of Community Health Workers Activities since June 2015 Extension

1. Sovaia Matebau
Vuda Back Road

Support from FEA Staff & Advisory Councillor.
Sovaia has been trying her best to solicit support for the establishment of a health committee in her community. The staffs of the Fiji Electricity Authority Control Centre have been very supportive in her work. They have just requested Sovaia in her capacity as a CHW to identify those families who are in dire need of assistance. They have indicated that they will be her support committee. Sovaia also has the support of the local Advisory Councilor Ms. Shakuntla who has been mandated by the District Officer Lautoka/Yasawa to work with the CHW.

Sovaia and NCD team providing screening and education for NCDs during outreach
                                                        activities In Vuda Back Road

2. Iliseva Saukuru
Vunayawa & Nawai Settlement

CHW’s Visibility.
Iliseva has just completed Community Health Worker training, and has started off by making herself known in the community that she is serving. She is just four weeks into her role and is performing fairly well in the communities assigned to her. Her first activity was the screening and education in the two settlements of Vunayawa and Nawai Settlements. Indication of support from the settlements has been overwhelming as she is well known in the area. While there is no health committee in the settlement, Iliseva is supported from the Health Committee in Natalau.

3. Apisaki Matanaboutini
Natalau Village

Natalau Village in Action.
Apisaki and Iliseva; the two new CHW’s for Natalau are receiving overwhelming support from the Vanua Council and Village Council in regards to their new role. Natalau Village was one of the most challenging villages during the last two years of operation and it is heartening to see that they are able to embrace the CHWs work for the community’s Wellness.

Backyard Gardening & Tobacco Cessation.
The two CHW’s are now following up on the flourishing backyard gardens in the village. Their greatest challenge is the prevention of smoking since Tobacco is being planted on their land not far off from the village. 

Apisaki and Iliseva practising using role plays during Workshop for new CHWs at VSHC.

CHW Workshop

4. Mere Rosi and Alivina Vuluma                        
Lomolomo Feeder Road (Hillside)

Though Mere Rosi had been performing with guidance from the VSHC team, she had never sat in any formal CHW training. The training that she has received now has boosted her more as she is keen to do more for her community.
Alivina Vuluma is the new additional CHW who will assist Mere Rosi and will also be covering for the Village of Lomolomo.

Establishment of Health Committee.
Mere Rosi and Alivina has been able to garner support from a few interested ladies to form a support committee that can work with them in Wellness initiatives. The Committee will be a women’s club and will be registered with the Ministry for Women who will also support them in women’s empowerment

Waste & Garbage Disposal and Livestock Keeping.
Mere Rosi has shared that the second biggest issue of concern to her after NCDs is proper waste and garbage disposal as well as livestock keeping. Mere Rosi has informed the team that there is no system in place for waste management. Lomolomo Feeder Road population continues to grow and with it the sanitation and hygiene issues. VSHC has responded by requesting the Environmental Health team to visit Mere Rosi’s community.

Domestic Violence.
Another issue of concern to Mere Rosi and Alivina is the issue of Domestic Violence. While they have reservations in dealing directly with the issue due to its sensitivity, she has acknowledged that the issue needs to be addressed somehow. The team will be responsible for contacting Empower Pacific to facilitate a session specifically for preparing CHW’s on how to deal with situations like domestic violence, disputes and child abuse focusing on When or When Not to Intervene.

5. Alelia Kaikoro
Viseisei Village

Mangrove Planting Programme & Cleaning Up Campaign.
The two CHW’s in Viseisei Village have continued to increase their capacities with the establishment of community support groups such as the Vuetivuda Youth. The newly formed youth group has been a blessing to the CHW’s since they are now going to help in some of their Wellness initiatives. Alelia has informed the team that the Vuetivuda Youth are currently involved in a “mangrove replanting program”, as well as “Cleaning Up” programs.

While the Youth Group is now of help to the CHW’s, the health committee continues in organizing the Wellness Initiative with the continuation of monthly village inspections.

Youth from Viseisei Village with CHWs and NCD team during “Young Men & Women’s” Workshop.

6. Sakina Bibi
Lauwaki Settlement (Saweni)

Wellness Model in Lauwaki Settlement.

Backyard Garden.

Sakina has always been well known for her model backyard garden that she has been tending to for the last two years. While the garden was earmarked for family consumption, it has also turned out to be an income generating project whereby the excess is being sold into the community.

Construction of a Well.
Sakina has managed to dig a well that helps her in the maintenance of her backyard garden. The Water Authority has publicly announced the importance of using water sparingly due to the dry spell. Her water bill has now decreased as she is not using tap water for her gardens.

Establishment of Health Committee.
Sakina has managed to establish a health support committee that will assist her in her Wellness Initiative. The group has been formed as a women’s club with the intention of registering with the Ministry for Women whereby they will be entitled to have a women’s empowerment program.

7. Shikha Nair
Delai Saweni (University of Fiji)

Establishment of Health Committee.
Shikha Nair informed the team that she has managed to establish a Multiracial Health Committee in Delai Saweni. Delai Saweni did not have a CHW until Shikha relocated to the area. She has been able to rally support from both the I Taukei and Indo Fijian Community. She will be requesting the team to be with her during one of their meetings.

Mosese Baseisei
Health Promotion Officer