The VSHC was officially opened by the Minister of Health Dr Neil Sharma and Tui Vuda on April 2nd, 2011.


  • 2009 -
    The founders met up with Budyong and Lesley Hill after the medical camps run by the N.Z. Sai Medical team in August 2009 and discussed their vision for establishing a Health Centre providing free health care to the community. After an inspection of the proposed site over the road from Viseisei Village, Budyong and Lesley made the decision to volunteer their services to supervise the construction of the building.
  • 2010 - 
    Budyong and Lesley Hill arrived from New Zealand in March 2010 and settled into the cottage that had been renovated from an old existing shed 50 metres from the Health Centre building site. After a couple of months of work finalising plans and applying for building permission, construction began in May.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Blessing the project and agreeing to the name of the health centre - 15/09/2010.

Budyong and Lesley Hill with Ian Rouse, Dean of College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Suva outside the building in September, 2010. Verandah beams and most of the plastering completed.

  • ​2011 - 

The final big push to get the building ready for the official opening was done in March 2011.

Opening Day

The Opening Day was attended by a wide range of local residents, dignitaries, contributors and members and friends of the Trust. In his Opening address the Minister of Health,  Dr Sharma said that the project was a classic example of collaboration between the Government and the community to address essential service needs. Dr Sharma commended the two former Fiji doctors, Rajat Gyaneshwar and Swaran Naidu, for their initiative to provide the medical facilities and commented that "Return migration brings expertise, professional and financial resources, and fresh ideas that help contribute to economic growth." 

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The formal opening by the Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma & Tui Vuda was on 2nd April 2011.

  • ​2013 - 

Viseisei Sai Health Centre goes Solar.

VSHC was donated a Grid Connect Solar System by the Rotary Club of Kerikeri
Inc, New Zealand through Mr Mahmood Khan. Through its work, the health centre managed to attract the attention of the Kerikeri Rotarians, who helped the centre install a $38,000 solar panel system that will reduce its use of electricity from fuel-powered generators by 50 per cent. 
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