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Nutrition and GESI Workshop

2016.09.14 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Education and Training, Nutrition, VSHC Activities

The main purpose of this workshop held on September 2nd, 2016 was to build the capacity of VSHC staff and CHW’s in the areas of Nutrition and Gender Equality. The Nutrition workshop was conducted by Volunteer Dietician Danielle and Dietician Rylene and a total of 23 people attended the workshop as part of staff capacity building. The presentation focussed on promoting a healthy staff program and included carrying out a SNAP survey of the staff. Healthy workplace policies were discussed, which included physical activity and a "Sit Less" policy.  … Read more >>

VSHC Participates in the Modernisation of the I Taukei Communities

2015.09.23 Category: Education and Training

On 28th July, 2015 VSHC staff were invited to participate in a meeting organised by the I Taukei Communities where they facilitated a session on Wellness with relevance to development & health. Mosese Baseisei contributed by putting together a teaching module together with its session plans. The venue for the meeting was CATD Nadave. Meeting Report Though VSHC will never be known as one of the CSO’s participating in the write up of a curriculum that is intended to equip traditional and community leaders in this modern era, it will however be… Read more >>


2015.08.22 Categories: Education and Training, Interns

Two Trainee Interns Adi Fane Rabici and Faurina Panapasa recently completed their training at VSHC. At the completion of their training they gave a presentation, which can be viewed here. Task Presentation. Adi Fane Rabici at front left and Faurina Panapasa front right with VSHC staff. Read more >>

T.I. Presentations.

2015.06.24 Categories: Education and Training, Interns

Four Trainee Interns (TI's) from Sigatoka completed their training at VSHC on June 19th. At the completion of their training they each gave a presentation, which can be viewed below. Steps Survey by Suzianna Raza. The Healthy Islands Policy and the MDG's by Glenus Mishra. NCD Crisis and Reproductive Health by Repa Ben. Levels of Health Care by Vanita Vandana. The Trainee Interns who were at VSHC in June.  left to right - Glenus Mishra, Vinita Vandana , Repa Ben and Suzianna Raza. Read more >>

RH Team at Emerging Leaders Forum

2015.05.21 Categories: Education and Training, Reproductive Health Project

Sexual & Reproductive Health Education at the Fijian Women’s Rights Movement Forum On Saturday the 16th of May, the reproductive health team from VSHC were invited to attend the Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) to provide education on sexual and reproductive health and Pap smear screening. The Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) is a component of the Young Women in Leadership Project of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM). The idea behind this project is to support and encourage young women to develop their own voices – in their schools, youth groups,… Read more >>

Trainee Intern Presentations.

2015.05.21 Categories: Education and Training, Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project

Three Trainee Interns (TI's) completed 3 weeks training at VSHC on May 15th. At the completion of their training they each gave a presentation, which can be viewed below. OTTAWA-CHARTER IN ACTION presentation NCD presentation VSHC presentation The final year training doctors (MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery- Fiji National University) Akesa, Adi Lagi and Rehasaf of Ba Mission Hospital at the end of their 3 weeks attachment. On the far right is Dr Finau Dansey ( TI Supervisor). Read more >>

Trainee Intern Presentations.

2015.04.20 Categories: Education and Training, Interns

Three Trainee Interns recently gave presentations at VSHC on the topics of Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cervical Cancer. Download the Teen Pregnancy Report. Download the Sexually Transmitted Infections Report. Download the Cervical Cancer Report.   Read more >>

Data Management and Statistical Analysis Training

2014.11.28 Category: Education and Training

The VSHC staff had the privilege of working with Associate Professor Gillian Heller from the Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia. Professor Heller visited Viseisei for 10 days. Her time here was spent in carrying out a training workshop in data management and statistical analysis. She taught the team and analysed the research data on, knowledge and practice of, and, attitudes and barriers to, cervical cancer screening tests, contraceptive use (family planning) and safe sex among rural women in the province of Ba, Fiji. Professor Heller conducted some lecture… Read more >>

Workshops attended by Admin and Finance Staff

2014.03.10 Categories: Education and Training, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

EU Workshops A three day “Audit Coaching” workshop conducted by the European Union was attended by our Admin & Finance Manager together with the Medical Directors and other key staff. This workshop was held at VSHC from 25th to 27th February 2013. The objective of this workshop was to provide audit coaching services to build and further strength the staff capacity in financial reporting and management. This workshop was very helpful and it fulfilled its objectives. The workshop was further backed up by another Audit Coaching workshop on 11th April… Read more >>

Visiting Doctors/Electives

2014.03.10 Categories: Education and Training, VSHC Activities

The year 2014 has so far been very busy in terms of doctors. VSHC has had some visiting specialists coming and volunteering their time. We had 2 volunteer doctors with one elective. Dr Chris Reynolds who is a retired GP from Queensland was with us from 2nd January to 17th January 2014. Dr Amrat Lad from New Zealand, a senior GP was with us from 10th February to 13th February 2014. Both the doctors helped us in seeing our general outpatients. Dr Reynolds visit took some load off our full… Read more >>