Visiting Doctors/Electives

2014.03.10 Categories: Education and Training, VSHC Activities

The year 2014 has so far been very busy in terms of doctors. VSHC has had some visiting specialists coming and volunteering their time. We had 2 volunteer doctors with one elective. Dr Chris Reynolds who is a retired GP from Queensland was with us from 2nd January to 17th January 2014. Dr Amrat Lad from New Zealand, a senior GP was with us from 10th February to 13th February 2014. Both the doctors helped us in seeing our general outpatients. Dr Reynolds visit took some load off our full time Nurse Practitioner, Sereana Sivo who left us on 24th January 2014 to further her studies. With her departure Dr Lad’s timing of his volunteer service was well received. We now have a new doctor, Dr Shareena Shah with us from 24th February as a replacement for NP Sereana Sivo.  Ashton Kelly from New Zealand did his elective with us from 20th January to 19th February 2014.