"To provide a community health service by mobilising resources and collaborating with the community, government and NGOs to provide free, quality health service with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention."

Welcome to Viseisei Sai Health Centre

Welcome to Viseisei Sai Health Centre

The Viseisei Sai Health Centre Trust is a charitable trust that was set up to provide a free health service based at Viseisei. The Health Centre is a purpose built community facility and the building and the land that it sits on were gifted into the Trust by Professor Rajat Gyaneshwar and Dr Swaran Naidu. It is located half way between Nadi Airport and the City of Lautoka, close to where the first Fijians are supposed to have landed some 5000 years ago. The Health Centre has a motto "Love All, Serve All".

This philosophy embraces the common spiritual values that bind humanity as one. The Health Centre provides medical care which is of high quality and uses a network of supporters in Fiji and abroad.

The emphasis is on using resources efficiently with minimal administrative costs so that all donations are used for the purpose they were given. The Ministry of Health staff is supported by local volunteers primarily and with occasional sporadic help from international volunteers.

Two community health projects, one focussed on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the other on Reproductive Health (RH) were initially run from the Health Centre. These projects were designed to empower and equip the community to maintain wellness and prevent disease.
The Reproductive Health Project was funded by the European Union and finished on December 31st, 2014.
The NCD Project was initially in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the Ministry of Health. After the first year their funding ceased and was replaced by a grant from the Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP), an AusAid funded program. This funding ceased on November 31st, 2015 and a new round of FCDP funding commenced in February 2016 and will run until November 2016. The project now covers NCDs, Reproductive Health and Composting.

Several new projects have started during 2015 and 2016.

The "Young Mothers Project" started on 27th February 2015.
The "Community Action Program" (CAP 2) is a partnership between VSHC and the Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP), funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Commencing in September 2015, this project is an innovative approach to working with the community.
The "Collective Community Ownership of Health and Social Issues" (CCOHSI) project started in January 2016, and is funded by European Union (EU) and VSHC in partnership with Empower Pacific (EP). The project aims to strengthen VSHC to empower existing community structures and leaders to take ownership of and express their need to tackle health and social issues which impinge on human rights and socio economic productivity within their communities.  
The "Empowering Communities for Wellness in Viseisei Health Zone" project has as its objective the promotion of health and community development strategies to empower the communities to become more resilient and self sustaining in managing their health and social challenges. This is an Australian Aid funded project and is supported by Fiji Community Development Program (FCDP). This commenced in February 2016.

The VSHC provides a non-profit free health service funded by donations and the Viseisei Sai Health Centre Trust.   All services provided at the Centre are non-chargeable but of high quality and everyone presenting is treated with dignity and respect.  Community health is a priority with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion by empowering the community so that families eat healthy, exercise and budget sensibly.

The Health Centre was opened in Viseisei on 2nd April 2011 by the Minister for Health, Dr Neil Sharma and the Tui Vuda.