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Interns presentations from Jenni and Isaac.

2015.10.06 Categories: Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project

Below are the links to the presentations from Jenni Palo and Isaac Singh the Trainee Interns who have just completed a two week work experience at VSHC. This is followed by a short article sharing their thoughts about the experience. Jenni - RH rights.pdf Isaac - STEPs.pdf   As our time here at Viseisei Sai Health Centre draws to a close, we are left to reflect on the past two weeks that we have spent here with a sense of newfound maturity and some measures of sadness that our time… Read more >>

RH Team at Emerging Leaders Forum

2015.05.21 Categories: Education and Training, Reproductive Health Project

Sexual & Reproductive Health Education at the Fijian Women’s Rights Movement Forum On Saturday the 16th of May, the reproductive health team from VSHC were invited to attend the Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) to provide education on sexual and reproductive health and Pap smear screening. The Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) is a component of the Young Women in Leadership Project of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM). The idea behind this project is to support and encourage young women to develop their own voices – in their schools, youth groups,… Read more >>

Trainee Intern Presentations.

2015.05.21 Categories: Education and Training, Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project

Three Trainee Interns (TI's) completed 3 weeks training at VSHC on May 15th. At the completion of their training they each gave a presentation, which can be viewed below. OTTAWA-CHARTER IN ACTION presentation NCD presentation VSHC presentation The final year training doctors (MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery- Fiji National University) Akesa, Adi Lagi and Rehasaf of Ba Mission Hospital at the end of their 3 weeks attachment. On the far right is Dr Finau Dansey ( TI Supervisor). Read more >>

Launch of Young Mother's Project.

2015.04.18 Categories: Reproductive Health Project, Young Mother's Project

This Project aims to assist Young Mothers through the Promotion of Healthy Settings.  It was launched on 27th February 2015. The Aim of the Organisation for the Young Mothers project is: “To work with the community in achieving wellness, which incorporates physical, social, mental and spiritual health, by empowering the community through education, advocacy and leadership”. Beneficiaries for the Project: Direct Beneficiaries: Teenage mothers / single mothers. Indirect Beneficiaries: The families and community of Viseisei and Lomolomo Villages. From left to right: DHS Sr. Leslie Boyd, Chief Guest DMO West… Read more >>

Completion of RH Project

2015.03.22 Category: Reproductive Health Project

The RH project finished on December 31st, 2014. This milestone was recognised on March 17th, 2015 at an event held at VSHC. The occasion was marked with the launch of a book on RH for the young entitled "Understanding your own Reproductive Health". At the same time the Project Report " Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls in Reproductive Health", along with a press release and a brochure with a summary of outputs of the Project were presented. It was also a delayed International Women's Day celebration with the theme… Read more >>


2014.05.28 Category: Reproductive Health Project

A high level UNDP (United Nations Development Program) delegation visited VSHC on 25/04/14. They were excited about the strategic directions of the VSHC project on sexual and reproductive health. They were complimentary about the fact that the project was directed at empowering women and girls to better look after their reproductive health. The family planning agenda now is a broader one, which emphasizes women's rights for social and economic equity. Women are often burdened by unplanned pregnancies and what should be a joy ends up being a yoke. Professor Rajat… Read more >>

Reproductive Health Team Update

2014.03.27 Category: Reproductive Health Project

The RH team has so far visited 38 rural areas in Lautoka, 43 in Nadi, and 2 in Ba and have delivered education to approximately 7295 people, seen 3337 in the outreach clinics and performed 2338 Pap smears. The team has conducted 3 workshops for Nurses (Zone, district & Family Planning Nurses) on an "Update in Reproductive Health" particularly on Family Planning. Nadi Nurses (12-11-13) - 18 participants Lautoka Nurses  (18-11-13) - 17 participants Ba Nurses Workshop (10-02-14) - 17 participants A total of 52 nurses went through this 1… Read more >>

Workshops attended by Admin and Finance Staff

2014.03.10 Categories: Education and Training, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

EU Workshops A three day “Audit Coaching” workshop conducted by the European Union was attended by our Admin & Finance Manager together with the Medical Directors and other key staff. This workshop was held at VSHC from 25th to 27th February 2013. The objective of this workshop was to provide audit coaching services to build and further strength the staff capacity in financial reporting and management. This workshop was very helpful and it fulfilled its objectives. The workshop was further backed up by another Audit Coaching workshop on 11th April… Read more >>

Nurses Workshops

2014.03.05 Categories: Education and Training, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

Here are a few photos from the recent workshops run for nurses in Ba, Lautoka and Nadi. Discussion Group for nurses in Ba Lecture for nurses in Ba Presentation by nurses in Lautoka Discussion Group for nurses in Lautoka Discussion Group for nurses in Nadi Professor Gyaneshwar giving lecture for nurses in Nadi Read more >>

Reproductive Health Team Update.

2014.03.05 Category: Reproductive Health Project

From Jan 2014 to date: Evening Education Sessions conducted - Three sessions have been conducted of which two have had Impact evaluations performed.  Taiperia Evening Education - 24-02-2014 Outreach Clinics - We have covered 8 places, of which 6 were settlements, 1 village and 1 university in the greater Nadi area. Warsha Prakash running a Cervical Cancer and Pap Smear education session for Hindi speakers. Workshops - We have conducted 3 workshops, 1 for community health workers, 1 for nurses from the Ba subdivision and 1 at the university which… Read more >>