Young Mothers Project 2017 – Lautoka Series - Part 3

2017.08.14 Category: Young Mother's Project 2017

Phase 3: Financial Literacy
24th March 2017 (Ministry of Youth Conference Hall, Lautoka)

Participants: 17 young mothers

Unfortunately many of the mothers who attended the previous phases 1 and 2 of the Young Mothers Project were unable to attend phase 3 due to a death in their village.  Mothers who attended the Lautoka phase 3 came from Vanuakula and Vadraiyawasewa settlements and had previously participated in Young Mothers Project activities and workshops.


  • Ministry of Trade – Mrs. Rusieli Caginavanua
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports – Keasi Delana

CCOHSI team facilitators:

  • Mosese Baseisei (Project Manager)
  • Amelia Vugakoto (Womens Empowerment Officer)

The third workshop focused on financial literacy, including microfinance, savings, and small
enterprise. This assists the mothers who wish to establish a small business to support their
livelihood, and how to manage their income. The final workshop also provides an opportunity for
the mothers to follow up with forming officially registered Youth or Women’s Groups together,
which increases their access to services from the various government organisations.

The main topics covered in phase 3 included:

  • Values and human life
  • Small business and young mothers

Mosese presented on:

  • Defining values
  • How personal values affects decision making and why this is important
  • Potential consequences of making poor decisions

Rusieli Caginavanua presented on ‘focusing on small business’ and spoke on topics such as:

  1. Small and medium enterprises
  2. Ways to start a business and the requirements needed to do so
  3. The types of business licenses
  4. The importance of record keeping
  5. Explanations of profits and losses in business
  6. Saving for investments
  7. Fiji Government assistance available to young mothers

As an outcome of this workshop, the young mothers involved from Vanuakula Settlement and Vadraiyawasewa Settlement decided to form a ‘Womens Support Group’.