Community Health Workers Program

The Community Health Workers (CHWs) Program is in line with the Ministry of Health national work plan that is to be implemented at a national level. Viseisei Sai Health Centre is one of the first Public Health facilities to implement this project where 15 volunteers were chosen to be trained as health workers for their community. There were many who showed interest in the first few rounds of community meetings that were held 18 months ago. The training of the workers took place between September and November 2012.

Viseisei Sai Health Centre is confronting a few burning issues and they are;

  • Giving the responsibility for their wellness back to the community. 
  • Recognizing that the Community Health Workers are not another branch of the nursing cadre but that they are a unit whose work is solely for wellness promotion - that their work is being managed by the people and from the people, to the people.