VSHC meets the operational requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Past / Present / Future

The current operations of the VSHC would not have been possible without the help of key people within the Ministry of Health, Fiji National University and the Community. Assistance and encouragement was also received from Australian and New Zealand High Commissions through their small project grants awards.

Other donors and assistance received include Friends of Pacific, South Pacific Moana Trust Hospital, ...... and many individual donors who wish to remain anonymous. Future initiatives in addressing the identified health challenges will require ongoing support from the existing collaborators and new sources. Fiji’s Health services are under resourced and challenged in meeting the demands on them and VSHC will have a key role in supporting the Ministry of Health in its mission.

Administrative Arrangements

  • Professor Gyaneshwar has experience in administration, governance and project development.
  • Associate Professor Naidu is the medical director who is an empowered clinician, teacher, health educator and women’s advocate.
  • VSHC has an advisory panel comprising of people who understand sustainable development and sound economic management, which are key components for a project such as this.
  • An annual business plan is developed in collaboration with the community and the Ministry of Health. 
  • All updated financial accounts are maintained and available on request. Audited accounts are available in the Annual report or on request.
  • The Trust owns the Health Centre property and is responsible for all general operational matters. The collaboration with the Ministry of Health is detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Administrative Officers of VSHC are as follows:    

Title Name
Medical Directors Professor Rajat Gyaneshwar
Assoc Prof Swarna Naidu
Finance Director Mr Ashok Kumar
Project Manager - Admiinistration/Accounts Ms Ashni L Prasad


The members of the Medical Advisory Board are as follows: 

Title Name
Chairman VSHC Trust Prof Rajat Gyaneshwar
Medical Director VSHC Assoc Prof Swarna Naidu
Nurse Practitioner, VSHC   N/P Seraeana Sivo
SDMO Lautoka/Yasawa Dr Abdul Shah
Divisional Health Inspector, Latutoka/Yasawa    Mr Dip Chand
Managing Director -Vanualevu Medical Diagnostics Limited Mr Arveen Chandra