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Empowering Teen Mothers in the Vuda District

2018.03.17 Category: Young Mother's Project

The original Young Mothers Project (2015) was funded by $10,000 FJD from UNDP under their Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Fiji Initiative (SCEFI). They have recently released an emblematic story regarding the project, which is well worth reading and available here on their website, as item number 6.     Read more >>

Ministry of Youth and Sports Symposium

2018.01.25 Categories: Young Mother's Project, Young Mother's Project 2017

Young Mothers participants invited to Ministry of Youth and Sports symposium. The Ministry of Youth and Sports recently asked VSHC to invite five participants from the Young Mothers program to attend their ‘Women’s Entrepreneurial and Leadership Youth Symposium’ (WELYS). The theme of the symposium was ‘empowering the next generation of female leaders in Fiji’. The invited mothers were chosen due to their commitment and enthusiasm shown during the Young Mothers workshops, and their interest in the topics presented. Over 40 women attended the WELYS symposium in Lautoka from 16th-19th January,… Read more >>

Ministry of Youth and Sports supports Young Mothers in the Viseisei Zone.

2015.12.01 Category: Young Mother's Project

Introduction: The Young Mothers project at VSHC was an unintended outcome of the NCD project that has been funded by the Fiji Community Development Project (FCDP). The project is now complete, however the continuation of support continues to grow. We thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their unending support to the young mothers and for inviting them to recently participate in a “Food & Beverage and Dining & Room Service Certificate”.  The Food & Beverage and Dining & Room Service certificate will open up opportunities to the Young… Read more >>

Empowering Young (Teenage) Mothers in the Viseisei Medical Zone

2015.12.01 Category: Young Mother's Project

The NCD team and the community health workers (CHWs) attended a UNDP - SCEFI capacity building workshop where they identified teenage pregnancy as one of the major issues in their community. A successful proposal was put forward for a small grant on behalf of the community, through VSHC. The CHWs’ (trained under the NCD project) initiative succeeded in getting the funding for the project. They identified the young (teen) mothers in their respective communities and also helped with administering the initial “Needs Assessment” questionnaire. This shows their responsibility towards their… Read more >>

Launch of Young Mother's Project.

2015.04.18 Categories: Reproductive Health Project, Young Mother's Project

This Project aims to assist Young Mothers through the Promotion of Healthy Settings.  It was launched on 27th February 2015. The Aim of the Organisation for the Young Mothers project is: “To work with the community in achieving wellness, which incorporates physical, social, mental and spiritual health, by empowering the community through education, advocacy and leadership”. Beneficiaries for the Project: Direct Beneficiaries: Teenage mothers / single mothers. Indirect Beneficiaries: The families and community of Viseisei and Lomolomo Villages. From left to right: DHS Sr. Leslie Boyd, Chief Guest DMO West… Read more >>