CHW activities for 2015

2016.03.16 Category: Community Health Worker Program

From 2012 till the end of 2015 the NCD team has trained and deployed 83 community health workers for the Viseisei Zone as well as for the MOH from Central and Western divisions. Currently there are 17 active VSHC Zone CHW’s who are actively engaged in promoting home gardening, exercise and healthy eating and creating awareness through education. In late 2015 the NCD team conducted a week-long CHW workshop whereby 9 new community health workers were trained and deployed into their respective communities. These new CHW’s were selected either by… Read more >>

UNFPA Outreach Project activities for 2015.

2016.03.16 Category: UN Fund For Population Activity Project

During 2015 a total of 46 UNFPA Mobile Clinic Bus Outreaches were organised, at which 1143 pap smears were conducted. A total of 27 women received family planning service through these outreaches. 1. During this reporting period, 21 patients with abnormal Pap smear results have been followed up. All of these abnormal cases have been followed up by the VSHC/RH nurse and referred to Lautoka Hospital for further management and treatment. 2. A total of 150 patients were seen at the Health Centre for follow up Gynaecology Clinics, where 50… Read more >>

Tropical Cyclone Winston report.


Here is a report on some of the experiences during Cyclone Winston and the activities undertaken since to assist in the recovery process.   Read more >>

Job Vacancies at VSHC.


Seeks applications for the following positions for Community Health Projects. 1. Project Officer - This is a Senior management position. The applicant will require experience in project management and execution of programs. 2. Medical Specialist (Part time) - To provide leadership for project activities, research, training in public health and social issues and be a resource person/medical consultant. 3. Health Promotion/ Community Engagement Officer - An experienced person is required to build effective health promotion partnerships and working relationships between the community and various stakeholders. 4. Finance and Account Support… Read more >>

Ministry of Youth and Sports supports Young Mothers in the Viseisei Zone.

2015.12.01 Category: Young Mother's Project

Introduction: The Young Mothers project at VSHC was an unintended outcome of the NCD project that has been funded by the Fiji Community Development Project (FCDP). The project is now complete, however the continuation of support continues to grow. We thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their unending support to the young mothers and for inviting them to recently participate in a “Food & Beverage and Dining & Room Service Certificate”.  The Food & Beverage and Dining & Room Service certificate will open up opportunities to the Young… Read more >>

Empowering Young (Teenage) Mothers in the Viseisei Medical Zone

2015.12.01 Category: Young Mother's Project

The NCD team and the community health workers (CHWs) attended a UNDP - SCEFI capacity building workshop where they identified teenage pregnancy as one of the major issues in their community. A successful proposal was put forward for a small grant on behalf of the community, through VSHC. The CHWs’ (trained under the NCD project) initiative succeeded in getting the funding for the project. They identified the young (teen) mothers in their respective communities and also helped with administering the initial “Needs Assessment” questionnaire. This shows their responsibility towards their… Read more >>

Lauren Houston – Volunteer Nutritionist

2015.10.28 Category: Volunteers

Lauren joined VSHC in August 2015 for three months as a volunteer Nutritionist from Involvement Volunteers International and completed her time there on October 30th. Lauren graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in nutrition in June 2015 and is currently enrolled at the University of Wollongong, Australia in a Doctor of Philosophy, Health Science. As a health advocate, Lauren has a passion for educating and empowering communities to assist in improving their overall health. As a new graduate Lauren has a keen interest to put into practice the… Read more >>

Interns presentations from Sweta and Sharlone

2015.10.21 Category: Interns

Below are the links to the presentations from Sweta Swavika and Sharlone Reuben the Trainee Interns who have just completed a two week work experience at VSHC. Sweta - Public Health Priorities for Fiji.pdf Sharlone - Running an Effective Primary Health Care Centre.pdf   (L - R) Sweta Swavika Trainee Intern, Dr Susanna Nakalevu, District Medical Officer (DMO), Sharlone Reuben, Trainee Intern. (L - R) Professor Rajat Gyaneshwar, Sharlone - Trainee Intern, Dr Swaran Naidu, Sweta - Trainee Intern and Jasmial - Trainee Intern. Read more >>

Interns presentations from Jenni and Isaac.

2015.10.06 Categories: Interns, Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project

Below are the links to the presentations from Jenni Palo and Isaac Singh the Trainee Interns who have just completed a two week work experience at VSHC. This is followed by a short article sharing their thoughts about the experience. Jenni - RH rights.pdf Isaac - STEPs.pdf   As our time here at Viseisei Sai Health Centre draws to a close, we are left to reflect on the past two weeks that we have spent here with a sense of newfound maturity and some measures of sadness that our time… Read more >>

Jeffrey So - Volunteer Dietitian

2015.10.03 Category: Volunteers

3/9/2015 – 5/10/2015 Jeffrey joined VSHC in September 2015 as a volunteer for a month through Involvement Volunteer International from Australia. He graduated with Master of Dietetics Studies from the University of Queensland in mid 2015 and decided to do some volunteer works in Fiji to gain more experience. He has been working with the team as a dietitian to give several nutritional talks in schools, villages and in women empowerment and community health workers workshops. He has also been providing one-to-one nutrition consultation to patients with NCDs (diabetes, high… Read more >>