Upcoming NCD Activities

2013.03.30 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

April Continuing Educator Seminars at VSHC.

April 11th, Thursday - Presenter: Sr Anna Wiwiek.
She will be presenting on how to use local crops to make a variety of foods: ie. Juice, jam sauce, healthy snacks.
Also reusing and recycling plastics to make crafts.

April 17th, Wednesday - Presenter: Sangeeta Devi. 
She will be presenting on : Well Baby Clinic/ Breast feeding.
Transitioning to healthy baby foods.

April 18th, Thursday - Presenter: Jessica Pullar (Nutritionist).
Calories hidden in Fijian/Indian Foods.
Healthy food cooking demonstration. 

April 25th, Thursday - Presenter: Miles Owen. 
Discussion on developing a weight loss competition in your community or workplace.