PEN Workshop Report

2014.12.22 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project


PEN is a Package of Essential NCD risk reduction strategy. This is a WHO tool for use in low resource settings to classify NCD patient's risk of developing complications. So high risk patients get more visits, time and effort.

Venue: Western Health Conference Room

Date: 17th – 18th December 2014

This workshop gave VSHC an opportunity to share its experience in piloting the PEN tool for the MOH and WHO. The experience at VSHC has demonstrated that the PEN tool is useful in triaging NCD patients into risk categories so that interventions can be appropriately targeted.
Viseisei Sai Health Centre (VSHC) was one of the only Health Centres selected  to pilot the tool
because of the interest shown on NCD risk reduction in the Vanua of Vuda. VSHC undertook a
community based mini STEP Survey in 2012 and looks after over 520 NCD patients
The Lautoka and Yasawa Sub Division is the first sub division in the Western Division where this
orientation is being done. VSHC was invited to share its experience with the PEN classification tool.

Namrata Patel and Akisi Daivalu presented with comments from Prof Gyaneshwar. The pilot at Viseisei shows that the tool can be used at the primary health care level but that it would require adequate resourcing. In the VSHC experience some patients could not be classified because essential tests were not available.

Other Highlights of the workshop.

In promoting Physical Activity it is useful to determine the intensity of the activity as this
determines the energy burnt. The activity can be moderate or intense. This can be
determined by measuring the pulse rate at the end of the activity. To calculate the desired
pulse rate use the following formula:

Moderate activity intensity = a pulse rate of  ( 220 – Age) x .5
Vigorous activity iintensity = a pulse rate of ( 220 – Age) x .7

In promoting smoking cessation the following model can be used. This model is based on
the 5 A’s which includes : Ask, Advice, Assess, Assist and Arrange.

It has been reinforced by the facilitators that cessation of smoking initiatives must never be
done in isolation and must be done with the other programmes such as physical activity and exercise.          


This was a useful workshop because of new lessons learnt and for VSHC to share its experiences with the PEN tool.

Report prepared by Sr Akisi, S/N Namrata and Health Educator Mosese.