Backyard Gardening Project at VSHC

Since VSHC was established in 2011, the founders and the staff have worked to create vibrant gardens and a food forest. These gardens are now producing an abundance of fruit and vegetables, providing fresh produce for the team at VSHC.

Fresh produce from the garden

Lachman and Sukhu (Gardeners)

One of the activities of the non-communicable disease intervention project is to promote backyard gardening.  Growing fruit and vegetables is an important activity for health as it is a form of physical activity and encourages people to eat fresh produce. Gardening is also an income generating opportunity for the community.  The functioning model at the health centre is able to be shared with the community. The NCD staff demonstrate to the community how to grow fruit and vegetables, with regular workshops including practical sessions on how to do this in their own backyards. Community members are provided with seeds and ongoing support.

Community health workers at workshop in the garden 

Community health workers & community members planting garden beds during “Wellness Day” at VSHC

The next phase of the project is to integrate a waste management system. Compost bins have now been built out of second hand pallet boxes, and the staff are learning how to separate waste and create compost.

Flourishing vegetable gardens

Newly constructed compost bins. 

Recently an Australian Red Cross / Australian Volunteer for International Development has joined the team to assist in further developing the gardens and waste management system.

Lachman (Gardener and Handyman), Shane (ARC/AVID volunteer), Sukhu (Gardener), and Achu (Driver) in the VSHC garden.