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Reflections of the week

2013.05.31 Categories: Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

Reflections from Benjamin Narayan from the NCD Team This week has been a very busy week for both the NCD and RH teams. The RH Team had two workshops during the week. One of the workshops was conducted in the Lautoka district and the other in Nadi and therefore, they needed the support from all VSHC staff.  On Monday and Wednesday the NCD Team helped the RH Team to organize the two workshops for teachers. On Monday both the teams were at the YWCA hall where the Lautoka Workshop was held. While… Read more >>

April NCD Workshops at VSHC.

2013.05.28 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

DR JOE FELSEN’S REFLECTIONS OF THE BUSY NCD EVENTS OF THE LAST MONTH!!  VINAKA TO SHEETAL AND BEN FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!                            April 17 - Sangita Devi Sharma is just not a nurse working in Suva’s Maternal/Child Health Unit.....She is a Breast Feeding MOM!  Sangita presented a hands on class for lactating MOMs checking technique and “Latch On”.  After advocating for babies to be exclusively breast fed for the first six months, she demonstrated how to prepare local fruits and vegetables in… Read more >>

Reflections of the week

2013.05.24 Categories: Non Communicable Diseases Project, VSHC Activities

Reflections from Staff Nurse Soko This week was great for me as I got to practise integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI). I had just got back from an intensive 2 weeks training on this and practising what I was taught was awesome. Now, I am able to see children below 5 years and it is a great feeling to be able to solve some of their problems. Apart from this, the week was just like any other, giving injections, doing dressings, attending to diabetics and hypertensive’s and my favourite… Read more >>

Reflections of the week

2013.05.17 Categories: Non Communicable Diseases Project, Reproductive Health Project, VSHC Activities

Reflections by SN Ake on RH Activities of the week (13/05/13 – 17/05/13). We usually start our outreach clinic at 9.30am. Pre knowledge, attitude, practice and barrier based questions are administered to the patients followed by an education session on Cervical cancer screening, STI’s and family planning. These are done by the health   educators before the patients are seen by the doctor and nurses. On Wednesday we saw 22 patients at Velovelo Indian Settlement. The Pap smear screening was done by Dr Shastra Naidu Morris, an experienced GP from Melbourne,… Read more >>

Upcoming NCD Activities

2013.03.30 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

April Continuing Educator Seminars at VSHC. April 11th, Thursday - Presenter: Sr Anna Wiwiek. She will be presenting on how to use local crops to make a variety of foods: ie. Juice, jam sauce, healthy snacks. Also reusing and recycling plastics to make crafts. April 17th, Wednesday - Presenter: Sangeeta Devi.  She will be presenting on : Well Baby Clinic/ Breast feeding. Transitioning to healthy baby foods. April 18th, Thursday - Presenter: Jessica Pullar (Nutritionist). Calories hidden in Fijian/Indian Foods. Healthy food cooking demonstration.  April 25th, Thursday - Presenter: Miles… Read more >>

Visit to VSHC by Celebrity Chef Lance Seeto.

2013.03.27 Category: Non Communicable Diseases Project

The Viseisei Sai Health Centre believes that through awareness and interventions, NCDs and​ their risk factors can be controlled. This can be accomplished through changing of diet, doing more physical exercises, quitting smoking and reducing the intake of alcohol and kava in the community. The health centre invited the Celebrity Chef Lance Seeto to come and share his expertise on healthy cooking tips with the community of Vuda. His healthy cooking session has been just one of the many awareness programs conducted by Viseisei Sai Health Centre as a part of the NCD project. The centre's main aim is to encourage people… Read more >>

Community Health Workers Program

2012.11.15 Categories: Community Health Worker Program, Non Communicable Diseases Project

The Community Health Workers (CHWs) Program is in line with the Ministry of Health national work plan that is to be implemented at a national level. Viseisei Sai Health Centre is one of the first Public Health facilities to implement this project where 15 volunteers were chosen to be trained as health workers for their community. There were many who showed interest in the first few rounds of community meetings that were held 18 months ago. The training of the workers took place between September and November 2012. Viseisei Sai Health… Read more >>